Fun After Work Activities

Benefit of the ´Fun After-Work Activities E-book´

Salestrust believes in:

Success at Work = Success in Life After Work

Salestrust has prepared for its members a full list of fun after work activities this year! Check out our E-book on the left! If you are outside Romania, please contact us at for travel details or for the online programmes.

An excellent sales manager is defined by quite a complex set of skills. However, it has been proven that simply your work-life balance and health, do play a major role in your success in the long run.

This is how ´Fun Activities Project´ has been born. We at Salestrust, are committed to support Our Community with constant access to exclusive fun activities, after work, tailored to fit your busy agenda and only with the best training providers in the market, internationally benchmarked.

Fun After-Work Activities Project has therefore, two major objectives:

  1. Tailoring fun activities for Our Community to fit our needs
  2. Creating this way an opportunity for our members to meet, have fun and exchange ideas and opportunities

We hope you enjoy the programmes we tailored for you and please feel free to write to us about any other activities you would enjoy having in this book and we will do our best to bring them closer to you.

Yours sincerely,

Madalina Pascu, Managing Director, Salestrust Romania

Fun After Work Events in 2020

Storytelling with Alec Secareanu


1. Creating a connection with your audience

2. Types & structures of stories

3. Improvisation for Storytelling

4. Finding your own Storytelling style

5. Learning to be present

6. Improve your memory and focus

Dress Code Comfortable attire & sporty shoes
Hours 6.30 - 9.30 pm
RSVP Mandatory



Timeline 6 weeks, 1 session/week
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