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ISM (Institute of Sales Management) – 100+ Years of Success Proven Solutions!

If you are interested in developing a Sales Career or developing your Sales Team strategically on the long term, you will have at hand various great options in terms of educational material in the market, both locally and internationally. Some of them give the advantages of great tutors, some of great content, some are free, some cost a fortune, some are recognized by the local entities and some are recognized by the corporations as being the most appropriate. Either way, before you make a choice, considering the time, money, commitment, all invested in the process, you might want to spend some time in research for making an informed decision.

This is exactly what we would like to encourage you to do before even reading this text any further. Just go out there and do your research. Intrigued?

Now supposing you have done your research, we would like to encourage you to simply benchmark it against what we are presenting here.

ISM is the largest and fastest growing Sales Professional Body in the world headquartered in the UK.  We are honored to partner with ISM and bring the ISM qualifications closer to you as we do believe that a structured learning such as through a qualification of this complexity has the highest impact on a sales professional career in the long term. And they have more than 100 years of success proven solutions!

ISM International Professional Qualification, is not just another programme, is the highest recognition one can have in the Sales Profession at this moment: the most comprehensive, internationally recognized both by local bodies and corporations as the best curricula to support your education as sales professionals over 4 continents.

The ISM qualification has six levels, from level 1 which is addressed to the sales junior team to level 6 for the highest sales position. Graduating level 6 enables you to become an ISM International member.

Here is our open timetable, with the note that all ISM levels are all available in a bespoke format.

Qualification Level

Target Audience

Spring Tuition 

Fall Tuition

Level 1 Sales Juniors 5 April – 15 April 15 Oct – 25 Oct
Level 2 Sales Juniors 15 May – 25 May 10 Nov – 20 Nov
Level 3 Sales Supervisors 7 April – 10 April 25 Oct – 5 Nov
Level 4 Sales Supervisors 25 May – 5 June 20 Nov – 30 Nov
Level 5 Sales Managers 14 April – 18 April 15 Oct – 15 Nov
Level 6 Sales Directors 24 Mar – 26 Mar 15 Nov – 15 Dec

If you are interested to finding out more please feel free to contact us anytime at or our Live Support team right here.

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